Otari legacy products
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  • I expect you are wondering how to get your great Otari legacy products serviced.  (The stuff Otari wants you to throw away). These people are your friends 

  • Chris Notton +44 (0)1525 403491

  •  chris@otari.co.uk

  • Otari analogue tape machines. Ampex ATR tape machines. Manual & advice service. MTR90II p.c.b. repair service

  • DDA, Trident, TLAudio, Harrison, MCI, Vintage Neve Soundcraft & other great analogue consoles.

  • Analogue tape specialist

  • Analogue console specialist

  • Chris says "digits are for calculators" 

  • Paul Leader +44 (0)1767 262880 paul@leadersound.com

  • Otari analogue tape machines, Otari digital tape machines

  • Otari audio duplication products

  • Vacuum tube guitar amp specialist

  • Paul says "if it has tubes it can live forever"

  • Endless Analog                            www.endlessanalog.com

  • CLASP – The Sound of What’s Been Missing. Seamless integration of tape into todays studios

  • USA Otari Guru: JRF Magnetics

  • John French 973-579-5773

  • Head relap. 2" 8tk. conversions, Test tapes.

  • JRF's informative website


All other Otari products are handled form Japan or Singapore. Otari no longer maintains offices in USA or Europe. Otari Japan Good Luck!


This site has nothing whatsoever to do with Otari Corporation of Japan or any of its affiliates or agents, alive, dead or undead.